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If you are looking for Personal Training in NYC, you have come to the right place! We  offer clients the flexibility of working out from home with an exclusive personal trainer or coming into the studio to participate in fitness classes with individuals of all age levels or custom personal training.

Here at Stay In Shape, we understand the effects a busy, chaotic schedule can have on the body and we are here to help you get back to your healthy and happy self without having to break the bank or travel the distance. Here is a glimpse of the personal training programs we offer:

Personal Training at Home or My Midtown Studio

Whether you prefer to work out in the early hours of the morning before the sun comes up, midday during your lunch break, or in the evening following dinner, our personal trainers will tailor to your needs and accommodate your hectic schedule without making you step out your front door.

Our NYC Home Personal Trainer will design a specific workout plan catered to your individual body and your unique workout goals - we do not use the same exercise model for everyone; instead, we strive to understand each client's specific desires to create a lasting plan that will induce permanent results.

Our Personal Training puts the spotlight is entirely on you. Additionally, because you will gain insight into the best workouts for your body, you will be able to continue the exercise routine in your home on days when the trainer is not there, contributing to increased endurance and stamina. Your progress will be remarkably quick.

If you have access to a treadmill, elliptical, or any other cardiovascular equipment, you do not have to feel ashamed or embarrassed about easing into your cardio fitness routine - being in your own house provides you with the comfort and security of not being judged by fellow students. We can create your routine in a safe, healthy way that is effective on the body - if you do not have your own equipment, no worries!

At NYC Personal Training in NYC, our Home Personal Trainers can bring equipment. We understand the dire necessity for stretching; therefore, our personal trainers will leave you with a dyna band so you can stretch on your own every morning.

  • After just three sessions, you are guaranteed to look and feel tremendously better.

  • After just a few months of this commitment, you will feel like a completely rejuvenated new person.

We will design an exclusive personal program of diet coupled with exercise, stress reduction, and time management to provide you with a holistic plan to get your life and your body in order. At home personal training clients also always have the option to drop in on a few studio classes in our Midtown studio if they desire. Visualize a new you and we will take you there.

We also provide at home exercise programs for elderly individuals who want to avoid a sedentary lifestyle without having to deal with the stressors of NYC traffic. We understand that each elderly person is at an immensely different level of physical well-being and take this into consideration when developing an individualized program.

We like to particularly focus on breathing exercises, emphasizing the tightening of the abdominals through ribcage breathing, as well as establishing an internal rhythm through alternate nostril breathing. These exercises can be done sitting, standing up, or lying down - we can accommodate everyone. For many individuals, we focus on back pain exercising and alleviating nerve pain.

Personal Training at the Stay in Shape Studio

At the Stay in Shape exercise studio, we create a customized plan for each client to meet their varying needs. We will initially collect an analysis of your fitness history, then diagnose the cause of any preexisting issues, before adapting a program that not only meets all of your goals, but keeps you consistently satisfied.

We strive to provide convenience to our clients - we want you to devote all of your energy into the workout once you get to the studio, rather than using up all of your energy just to get to the studio.

For that reason, we are located within an arm's length of several subway stops. Our studio radiates a "can do" energy that encourages our clients to stay consistent with the program and with their goals. We emphasize the "muscle memory" aspect of your workout, or what you remember from it and can carry with you in the future.

This process occurs when the mind learns how to work the body correctly and that information is then transmitted to the muscles. Your time with us is incredibly valuable - we are not merely trying to fill a time slot, we want to create lasting impressions and permanent tangible results.

We have exercise classes to suit everyone's individual needs. You are always welcome to switch between classes however you like:

We understand that lifestyle habits and eating issues also play a large part in the development of your ideal body; therefore, we provide the option to engage in one hour sessions to devise specific action techniques to mediate these issues. We also stress the importance of peace of mind, providing clients with mind relaxation techniques to do either at home or while traveling to reduce the chaos of everyday life.

Come Down and Take a Free Exercise Class!

We hope you decide to contact us, and see how we can help you achieve your overall fitness goals. You are welcome to attend a Free Exercise class as way to help us get introduced.  Thank you visiting us, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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